Nick Saban understands that Florida is juggling Emory Jones and Anthony Richardson at quarterback this week, and Alabama could have to be ready to defend either or both.

At his regular Monday press conference, Saban described how that will unfold for the Alabama defense.

“They do have a 2-quarterback system,” he said. “I don’t think you prepare differently. Both guys are very talented in both areas. When the quarterback can run and when both quarterbacks run, it’s like playing against the Wildcat.”

Richardson is dealing with a hamstring injury and his status for practice this week is unknown. What’s more, Florida coach Dan Mullen has said that Richardson has missed things like protection checks and hot throws while also mixing in the spectacular plays that the fans love. He’s aware that many fans would prefer Richardson get more playing time.

Mullen has previously insisted that the Gators don’t have a quarterback controversy or a reason to change the depth chart, and has hinted that making big plays is not the only thing QBs need to do.

H/T Matt Murschel.