For the first time since the 2006 season, Alabama will have a head coach not named Nick Saban patrolling the sidelines, as Saban will miss the Iron Bowl due to a positive COVID-19 test.

It will be surreal to see the Crimson Tide without their head man, as offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian steps in to handle head coaching duties on Saturday.

Saban chatted with CBS’ Jamie Erdahl to provide insight on what this strange period is like for him and his team.

“47 years of coaching, this will be the first game that I missed, and because of the technology rules that we have, you really can’t have a whole lot of input or communication during the game” said Saban.

“So, you know, you feel a little left out. Especially in a big game, especially when as a coach you really love to help your players when you can. And it’s understandable that when you have a shock like this that it can affect people, I mean it usually does. But I also think that everybody has to understand that we need to adapt, we need to move on” continued Saban.

“It’s important to me for the players on our team that haven’t had a chance to win this game – the Iron Bowl – that they have an opportunity to do that.”

It sounds like Saban is struggling with the idea that he can’t be on the field with his team, and understandably so.

It will likely drive him crazy to watch the game without being able to coach in any capacity, but it will be hard for Auburn to stop that high-powered Alabama offense regardless of who the head coach on Bama’s sideline is.