Alabama head coach Nick Saban may have been happy about Saturday’s 52-24 victory over the Tennessee Volunteers, but what he wasn’t happy about was the penalties his team had gotten in the game which could have cost them.

During the game, the Crimson Tide was hit with two delay of game penalties that set Saban off. He was furious at his team and let them know how upset he was with those costly mistakes.

Saban explained his position to the Monday Morning Quarterback Club according to, he blame it on a lack of communication.

“We have so many stoppages in the game for TV,” he said. “And a lot of those stoppages occur when you have a change of possession or dead balls and sometimes it doesn’t get communicated very well to the sideline that we’re rolling. In other words, there’s no TV. You think there’s going to be TV because it was a change of possession or whatever and we’re sitting there on the sidelines talking to the players when we need to be sending them out on the field.”

Saban’s fury at his team’s mistakes went viral, but after the victory, those mistakes didn’t seem to matter to the coach, just the win.