After losing the national title game to Clemson this year, Alabama had a major staff turnover, with Nick Saban having to replace more than half of his assistants.

Now, he has a more-experienced staff than he had in 2018, and he sees some big-time positives that go along with that experience.

On Tuesday, Saban said his 2018 staff did a great job recruiting (bringing in a historically great 2019 class), but added that he likes the experience the 2019 staff has:

“I think that — no disrespect to the coaches we had here before; I thought they did a wonderful job,” he said. “I think there were a couple areas where we had a limited amount of experience, but I think that we’ve been able to improve the staff in a lot of ways with the people that we have and the experience that they have. I thought we needed to improve our staff as a recruiting staff a year ago. I think we did that. This (2019) recruiting class showed that. I think the guys we hired are good recruiters, but I do think in some cases we have more experience. I think knowledge and experience is always something that is really beneficial to teach players. So, I’ve been pleased so far with the people that we have and the progress we’ve been able to make and how the players have responded to the coaches.”

So far, things are still going well on the recruiting trails, as the Tide have the No. 1 2020 recruiting class at the moment.

Will the experience be able to get the Tide over the hump should they have a rematch with Clemson this season? Only time will tell.