There was some concern that this season could be the downfall of Alabama and that was all but confirmed by the Crimson Tide’s 32-31 overtime loss to LSU on Saturday.

With Alabama now eliminated from the postseason race, there are questions as to just what this 7-2 team has to play for just roughly 1 year removed from making a national title game appearance. Head coach Nick Saban discussed just that in his most recent meeting with the media and he put it simply.

“I think everybody kind of needs to check their whole card and what we need to do to individually improve your stock to finish the season the right way as well as to have a goal of trying to win 10 games, which I think every team we’ve have since 2006 or (2007) or whenever has been able to do that.”

This season seems to be a bit of an oddity for the Crimson Tide, who came into the year as the No. 1 team in the nation but seem have to lacked the type of fire they typically have offensively and have played with less physicality on defense than we’re used to seeing.

Alabama will face Ole Miss up next on schedule in The Grove on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. CT.