Nick Saban spoke about Jalen Milroe’s progress as a quarterback this season at Sunday’s SEC Championship Game teleconference.

Milroe was a difference maker on offense, using his ability to run the ball to his advantage. Milroe’s confidence was infectious, and his teammates responded well to it.

Saban said Milroe’s improvement this season has been a “transformation” for Alabama’s offense.

“I think his transformation at the quarterback position has helped us transform our entire offensive team,” Saban said. “The confidence that he’s playing with, the confidence that our players have in him. I think we’ve done a pretty good job of trying to utilize the skill set that he has.”

Saban credited Milroe for being able to distribute the ball. It allowed for Alabama’s offense to be even more effective and productive as the season has progressed.

“He’s learned that the most important thing at his position is to distribute the ball,” Saban said. “He’s done a really, really good job of that. I think that’s really enhanced the transformation of our offensive team to be much more effective and productive.”

Milroe finished the regular season with 2,526 yards passing and 33 total touchdowns. His contributions in the team’s most recent win over Auburn included 259 yards passing, 107 yards rushing, and 2 touchdowns.

Now Milroe heads to Atlanta to try and help his team end Georgia’s perfect season.