Nick Saban has accomplished just about everything there is to accomplish in the coaching world, but he still keeps coming back to lead Alabama year after year.

Rumors are swirling about when the living legend will call it quits, but for now, he’s going strong and not slowing down at all.

With only 50 days remaining until the start of the 2018 season, ESPN asked 50 notable college football personalities what makes them excited for another year. As you can see below, Saban said the unique challenges presented with every new team are what keeps him coming back:

“Every season presents a new set of challenges, and that’s what makes it fun,” he said. “That’s what keeps me going. Everybody always asks me, ‘What keeps you going?’ Well, every team and every season is a challenge, and it doesn’t matter what you did last year. It’s all about what you do with the guys you’ve got this year, and that’s what excites me every year at this time. It’s what comes next.”

Saban is a coach who preaches process over end results, so it’s no surprise that he enjoys the grind that comes with molding each particular team into a champion.

The countdown is on ahead of the 2018 season, and it’ll be fun to see what happens in Tuscaloosa and across the SEC in the coming months.