Over the years, Nick Saban has provided plenty of memorable quotes at press conferences. The Alabama head coach’s no-nonsense, all-business approach can be entertaining to watch when he reacts to particular questions.

Now, ever thought what it would be like if Saban took his personality to Twitter? He’s had assistants on social media in the past — Lane Kiffin being one of the most frequent tweeters, obviously — but the longtime head coach has steered clear of those sites and apps. However, it would be interesting to see what Saban would tweet if he embraced the platform one day.

Could that possibly happen? It may be unlikely, but Saban was asked about it when speaking with reporters on Wednesday, and he laid out the only reasons he’d ever consider joining Twitter — and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.

“I’ve never been big with social media. It takes a lot of time. You’ve got to respond to a lot of things,” Saban told the media. “I’ve tried to focus on two things here: How do we develop our players? And how do we bring players to our team? Whether it’s how we evaluate them or how we develop relationships to be able to recruit them here.

“And so far, that’s worked OK. If any of you out there can convince me that me having a Twitter account’s going to help us do a better job at either one of those things, then I might consider it. Otherwise, I don’t know why I would consider doing it. And no players have come to me and talked to me about it.

“I would say this — if I thought it would enhance players’ chances to improve their brand, by something that I did, I would be all for it.”