If you follow Nick Saban’s press conferences, you know the Alabama coach usually focuses on the negative with the media to avoid serving up “rat poison” for his team.

There weren’t many negatives for Saban to point to in Alabama’s 63-3 win over Kentucky. As Saban acknowledged, the Crimson Tide got off to a slow start against the Wildcats. It was just 7-3 UA entering the second quarter. Before the half, however, Alabama’s high-powered offense had managed some quick strikes to extend the lead to 28-3.

At the break, however, Alabama’s time of possession was under 10 minutes, with Kentucky holding more than a 2:1 advantage in terms of time on offense during the first 30 minutes. Saban wasn’t amused when a reporter asked about time of possession during the postgame press conference.

“The last time I checked,” Saban said, “you get nothing for time of possession. So that means you score fast on offense, you don’t have very much time of possession. If you don’t score and you take the ball for, you know, six minutes and you don’t score, what do you get for that? Is there something you get for that? I don’t know.”

Alabama won the TOP battle overall for the game, 31:05 to 28:55.