We all knew the Alabama-Ole Miss game week would produce some fun headlines with Lane Kiffin as the Rebels’ head coach.

Earlier Wednesday, Kiffin appeared on “The Dan Patrick Show.” When Patrick mentioned that Kiffin is “facing” Saban, Kiffin humorously responded that he and Saban won’t be the ones playing, but if they were, Kiffin would have the advantage as an “elderly” Saban could not cover him.

Saban spoke to Alabama beat reporters on Wednesday and was asked if he wanted to respond to Kiffin’s comments.

Saban acknowledged that Kiffin is probably right.

“I guess I would ask, when he’s my age, what’s he going to do? It’s a little bit of a disadvantage to be my age and have a hip replacement. I still pride myself on my ability to cover. I just don’t think I could cover him,” Saban said.

It’s good to see Kiffin get a chuckle out of his former boss ahead of the game scheduled for Saturday.