While Alabama was already searching for a coach to take over the defensive coordinator position with Jeremy Pruitt leaving for Tennessee, Nick Saban must now also find a coach to take over the offensive coordinator role with Brian Daboll leaving the program for the Buffalo Bills.

Considering all the recent experience Saban has in hiring offensive coordinators, this task will be nothing new to the face of Alabama’s dynasty.

During his weekly Monday morning appearance on WJOX 94.5 FM program The Opening Drive, SEC Network host Paul Finebaum claimed he wasn’t really surprised by Daboll’s departure from the program.

“I wouldn’t say he was uncomfortable (at Alabama) but I will say he wasn’t totally comfortable,” Finebaum said on the air.

The SEC Network host then went on to throw out the possibility of an in-house candidate landing the job.

“It looks like the team is behind Mike Locksley, if I’m reading this correctly from a couple hundred miles away,” he continued. “You have to weigh that very seriously, but you also have to remember who is making this decision.”

Finebaum also suggested the team’s next OC will have to be ready to handle the scrutiny that could come from having two potential starting QBs to select from in 2018.

“You have to make this (hire) comfortable with the two quarterbacks,” he said. “In the one game we saw last season with Sarkisian, it didn’t work. I think Daboll had a good feel for Jalen Hurts. I still don’t think he got the most out of Jalen Hurts.”

While everyone is seemingly ready to hand the starting job to Tua Tagovailoa following his brilliant title game performance, Finebaum isn’t ready to go that far just yet.

“I wouldn’t jump to too many conclusions here. I think Jalen Hurts is a phenomenal quarterback and I haven’t forgotten, and neither has Nick Saban, that he was 25-2 and Alabama was sitting in that championship game and he played a very critical role,” Finebaum added. “Had he not come thru against Mississippi State, Alabama wouldn’t be there.”