Just a few months ago, ESPN analyst Rece Davis asked Tide head coach Nick Saban who would win a hypothetical brawl at the annual coaches convention.

We all know Saban hates hypothetical questions, but he was generous enough to answer anyway, even if he didn’t answer the original question.

“Since I think he’s the best college coach right now in football, they beat us last year, I’d say — not based on their ability to brawl, but ability to coach — I’d say Urban [Meyer],” Saban said.

The Buckeyes head coach did not repay the compliment when asked about Saban.

“I certainly think he’ll go down as one of the greatest in the history of college football,” Meyer said. “I know everybody knows that. But I don’t want to say ‘the best’ — one of the top two or three.”

Meyer declined to reveal who else made his list, but seeing as how Meyer is 2-1 against Saban, he might just think his name should top the list.