Most Southeastern Conference fans outside of those living in Tuscaloosa are eager to know when Nick Saban will call it a career. While no one knows when that could potentially be, ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit offered up his thoughts on what would be next for Saban once he does end his coaching career.

During a recent appearance on Clay Travis’ ‘Wins & Losses’ podcast, Herbstreit was asked which active head coach would make for the best ‘College GameDay’ host. Without hesitation, Herbstreit picked the coach roaming the sidelines in Tuscaloosa.

Not only does Herbstreit think ESPN wouldn’t hesitate to approach Saban about the job, he thinks the Alabama coach would become the show’s biggest star on the set.

“I think he would be a superstar,” Herbstreit said of Saban. “He’s almost like EF Hutton, he speaks so softly when he is on the desk with us, you know? Because he’ll come on a lot, whether it’s – we do Gameday in Tuscaloosa, he’ll come on with us in the morning; or obviously, if his team in the rare moment they don’t make the Playoff, he’ll be one of our guests analysts that we will have at the championship game. And you know when he’s talking, he’s talking softly and you’re like leaning into it yeah you don’t want to miss anything that he’s saying it’s just, he’s like Yoda, you know he’s got so much to say that you just want to like write everything down and he says. I think the energy of that show would bring out a side of him that would be a lot of fun. Not that he’s ever going to try to one day, you know, try to be a Lee Corso.”

Following those comments, Travis asked Herbstreit if he thinks Saban would do it. Again, the ESPN analyst was eager to suggest Saban has considered the idea of joining the show after his coaching career comes to an end.

“I do, I do, I do,” Herbstreit said. “I think he, you know, just had the hip done and I think still feeling like, especially after the way last year ended, I still think he thinks he’s got so much left in him that I don’t think he thought about it, like, ‘let’s do it.'”

The ESPN analyst then noted that every time Saban does join the show for a guest segment, the coach asks him about the quality of his performance on the show and appears to enjoy doing it. Herbstreit is quick to point out that Saban likely has several more years of coaching left in him, but when the time comes, ESPN will do what it can to talk the coach into joining the “GameDay” team.

“I think when he’s done, I think we could definitely talk him into to joining us, I’d really do. Because I think what you’ll find is, this keeps you involved enough, especially with game day that you’re going out, games and you know you’re busy around the crowd you’re feeling that energy,” Herbstreit added. “Obviously nothing close to where it is jogging out in the field with the Crimson Tide.

“But when, when he closes that chapter and I don’t, I don’t want to portray as if he’s in a hurry to close that because I think he’s feeling like he’s got a lot to do and I know he wants to avenge last years loss to Clemson, but I think, I would guess got another, I don’t know, four or five years in him, would be my guess, minimum. But when that is, when he’s done, he would be the first guy who’s currently coaching that I think could be really really good at joining us on the set.”