The game everyone has circled right now happens on November 9 in Tuscaloosa: LSU at Alabama.

The clash of the titans will look somewhat different this year, however, as both offenses are firing on all cylinders. The quarterback play from Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa has been nothing short of incredible. Both quarterbacks have thrown for 17 touchdowns through four games. That’s a season for some players.

Tagovailoa and Burrow are both being mentioned in the top three for the Heisman Trophy. We knew Alabama’s offense would be putting up crazy numbers; however, it’s LSU’s offense that has taken the country by storm. After hiring Joe Brady, the Tigers’ offense, headlined by incredible quarterback play by Burrow, looks unstoppable.

LSU needs the nation in scoring offense averaging 57.8 points per game, and on Wednesday, Saban was asked his early thoughts on Tigers’ offense.

“Well, I think everybody notices the numbers,” Saban said on the SEC Coaches Teleconference. “Anybody that’s played as well as they have. In all honesty, I have not watched them play. You know, we play Ole Miss this week, and we’re really concerned about that game. That’s how we go through the season. Later in the season when we have to play them, we’ll certainly focus on the things that they do, and we certainly have a lot of respect for the players and always have. You know, they’re playing extremely well on offense, I can tell you that without even watching them based on the numbers they’re putting up and the players we know they have.”

Whether Saban has peeked at LSU’s offense on tape or not, we’ll never know. The countdown to November 9 is officially on.

Here are other things Saban said on Wednesday’s teleconference:

  • On WRs playing rock, paper, scissors: First I’ve ever heard of it Bob, so I don’t really have a take on it… I have no idea.
  • On the OL play: The OL I think has improved, I thought we played the best we’ve played last week. Pass pro was good, I think we will be challenged this week. Deonte Brown is excited about playing, he adds depth and will create competition at the guard position, either one, and gives us flexibility on the inside.
  • On the week’s prep of getting ready for the game ahead: I think the idea of a script is something that you want to do because there are things you like, how the defense lines up and secondly, it gives you an idea of what the players like… The situation can change, the other team could change and you must be able to deviate so it’s not a hard-fast thing.
  • On Ole Miss passing attack: They have good skill guys, good RBs, they have a good TE that can make plays in the passing game. They have always had good skill players.
  • On LBs: They are young guys that work hard to improve everyday. You can’t coach experience but the more they get, the better they will be… They both have the right stuff when it comes to being conscious and preparing for the game and I think this will help them in the future.
  • On DJ Dale: He has done a nice job. He has good power and is a smart player… prepares right. All those guys are young guys that we aren’t pleased yet but like the progress they have made to this point.