Since Nick Saban first became a head coach back in 1990, the landscape of college football has changed dramatically. Players have more power now, and that’s a good thing. There are more bowl games, and there’s a playoff system, too.

Even since taking over at Alabama in 2007, Saban has seen the game change so much. On Wednesday at SEC Media Days, Saban listed his biggest concerns about the future of the game.

His concerns can be broken down into four major areas, and he discussed them on the SEC Network:

  1. “I think there are a lot of concerns to me,” Saban said. “I think scheduling is an issue. I’ve been an advocate of playing more SEC games and Power 5 conference games. … It would create more fan interest. Some of these games players don’t want to play and fans don’t want to see.”
  2. “The problem is the waivers (with the transfer portal). If you’re going to transfer, sit out a year. That’s the way it’s always been. … I don’t think waivers are good for college football.”
  3. “The whole bowl game vs. college playoff is a concern. The biggest issue is players choosing not to choose to play in bowl games. … That’s not good.”
  4. “So many guys are going out for the NFL Draft that aren’t on teams three years from now. … Developing is so important. Going to college to develop off-the-field is the way it’s always been.”

These are indeed some hot-button issues facing the college game right now, so it’ll be interesting to see what the NCAA decides to do.

Saban is a powerful guy in the college football landscape, so his thoughts will carry a lot of weight.