This offseason has featured so many incredible offseason comments from Nick Saban that it’s hard to pinpoint the best of them but the latest viral clip from Alabama’s head coach should provide inspiration to all NFL Draft hopefuls.

The way Saban tells it, once a player enters the draft process, teams begin searching for reasons not to select them.

“What I tell players is, you don’t realize that as soon as you apply for a job, as soon as you put your name in for the draft, people are looking for reasons not to pick you,” Saban says in the clip below. “They’re looking for reasons not to hire you. So don’t give anybody a reason to say but. That’s the only way that you can create value for yourself. So that and and but that came after that had nothing to do with what the player was but it had a significant impact on where the player got picked.

“So, this is an analogy that I use all the time with players to try to get them to understand how do I create value for myself in my future, for what I want to accomplish? And it goes right back to the I might have to edit my behavior a little bit.”

It’s a valuable lesson and even more powerful considering Saban’s track record of coaching in the NFL and helping produce so many draft prospects at Alabama.

Check it out courtesy of James Light on Twitter: