Nick Saban is facing coaching turnover once again. This time, he’ll have to replace both linebackers coaches, as Kevin Steele took the LSU defensive coordinator job and Lance Thompson left to become Auburn’s linebackers coach.

It’s also been speculated that Lane Kiffin is the frontrunner to become the 49ers‘ new offensive coordinator, and some have speculated that his defensive coordinator, Kirby Smart, could be the frontrunner for the Atlanta Falcons’ defensive coordinator job, assuming the team hires Dan Quinn as its new head coach.

Saban was asked about the coaching turnover at the Senior Bowl, and he said Steele handled his departure in a first-class way, according to However, Saban had a few choice words about Thompson leaving for Auburn.

“We’ve had several opportunities and given Lance several opportunities through the years and this same circumstance has occurred several times before and I can’t really tell you why coaches do what they do,” Saban said, via “I think the best thing you can do is ask him, not me. We’ll do the best we can to find the best replacement for him. The guy did a good job when he was with us and we wish him well. We’ve always wished him well and we’ll continue to have the best program we can have for our players and get the best coaches and teachers for our players.”

It’s the second time that Thompson has bolted for another SEC program. The last time was in 2009 at Tennessee.