That groan you heard on Monday came from the rest of the Southeastern Conference as Alabama announced Nick Saban had his contract extended through the 2028 college football season.

The result of that news? Saban is officially on contract in Tuscaloosa for three more seasons.

That means more national titles are likely headed Alabama’s way in the near future but how many is anybody’s guess.

Who better to ask that question than the man that covered Saban’s arrival in Tuscaloosa, Paul Finebaum?

Here is what Finebaum had to say during a recent appearance on ESPN show “Get Up” when asked how many more national titles he expects Saban to win for the rest of the coach’s career at Alabama.

“I’m going to go with three, and I know that will upset Alabama fans who don’t think they’ll ever lose again,” Finebaum answered. “But think about this for a second, Nick Saban’s greatest weakness was his age a couple years ago. When he turns 70 – which he’ll do in October, Kirby Smart, Jimbo Fisher, Ed Orgeron,  everyone was going to use that against him. Now Greenie, think about this on Halloween when Nick Saban turns 70, he’s going to look young all of a sudden.

“He’s going to coach to 77 or 78 or maybe 80 or 90 or who knows what. He has taken that off the table, you cannot use his age against him, because not only is he the greatest coach of all time, he’s still the greatest coach today. He’s recruiting at a record pace, and he’s making $8 or $9 million a year, Greenie if he was on Wall Street, he’d be making $150 million a year.”

Finebaum was then asked if he believed Saban will remain at Alabama throughout the entirety of the new contract extension — which ends at the end of the 2028 college football season.

“I think he has set the end now. He said yesterday in a statement, that he’s going to step down at some point, at the end of this contract,” Finebaum continued. “So I think he will ride it out, you don’t know what’s going to happen next, we saw that last week with Mike Krzyzewski, but I think Nick Saban believes today, he’ll be there at the end of this contract.”