Anytime Nick Saban’s Alabama team loses on the road, there’s a strong chance that fans are going to rush the field. It happened Saturday night for the second time this season in the 32-31 overtime loss to LSU. Tennessee fans rushed the field earlier this season after upsetting the Tide, too.

Following the loss to LSU, Alabama State Patrol officers were escorting Saban off the field in the chaotic environment, and one LSU fan appeared to put his fists up to the officers. One policeman pushed the fan away from Saban as the Alabama coach exited the field. The video comes from’s Patrick Greenfield.

Greenfield also shared the screen shot of the LSU fan appearing to put his fists up toward the Alabama coach and police escort.

If you’ll remember last year, Saban’s police escort pancaked a female Texas A&M fan as Saban attempted to leave the field after the upset loss to the Aggies.

LSU was fined earlier this year $250,000 for storming the field after upsetting Ole Miss.