Even with all of quarterback Jalen Hurts’ back-breaking scrambles against LSU last weekend, he may not have been the most important Alabama player in that game.

Junior center Bradley Bozeman was responsible for making protection calls in a rowdy Tiger Stadium, where No. 1 Crimson Tide pulled out a 10-0 win against the No. 13 Tigers. Alabama didn’t score any points until the fourth quarter but racked up 323 yards against LSU’s stout defense.

“(The environment) affected us on some plays and created some negative plays where we didn’t always block the right guys,” coach Nick Saban said during a Monday news conference. “But it was not a lack of communication, it was an inability to communicate because of the noise.

“Bradley’s probably been the key reason that that has not been an issue for us because he’s been doing a really good job, not only of doing his job but helping everybody else do their job better.”

Saban said that in response to a question about Bozeman being one of the team’s highest-graded players, which created an awkward situation in which the coach believed the reporter had access to the team’s weekly grades. Once informed the grades were from Pro Football Focus, Saban lightened up and gave his answer.

If only Bozeman could have been there to help with communication.