To absolutely no surprise, there is a method to Nick Saban’s temper.

Alabama’s coach may go off a time or two on the media during his press conferences during the fall but even those instances of rage have a clear goal in mind for the mastermind from Tuscaloosa.

During his Thursday appearance on ESPN morning show “First Take” for his latest ESPN carwash experience, Saban was asked what really sets him off during those press conferences.

“You know, really I think sometimes I’m just trying to get a message across through the media to our team,” Saban answered. “And when somebody asks me a question and it gives me an opportunity to do that, I do it.

“It’s really to benefit our team it’s not really to make anybody look bad but I want our team to get the message and so, that’s kind of, you know, I think, I think you guys use me sometimes to create a little news so I’m just going to use you to create some news with our team.”

There you have it. If you one day find yourself being blasted by Saban in a newsroom, don’t take it personally, he’s just trying to send a message to his players for the following week’s game.