Nick Saban is a legend in college football, and now he can add “mentioned in a country song” to his lengthy list of accomplishments.

You may remember Walker Hayes for his “Fancy Like” song, which was in Applebees commercials at the start of last college football season.

Now, in his new song, “AA,” Hayes gives the Alabama coach a shoutout. Below, you can see how Saban reacted to hearing the lyrics for the first time:

Here are the full lyrics to the chorus where Saban is mentioned (via

And I’m just tryna keep my daughters off the pole
And my sons out of jail
Tryna get to church so I don’t go to hell
I’m just tryna keep my wife from figuring out
That I married up and she married way, way down
In Alabama where they love Nick Saban
Tryna write a song the local country station’ll play
Hey, I’m just tryna stay out of AA

We’ll see if that becomes a popular song in Tuscaloosa this summer!