Nick Saban has plenty of stories over his football career, but the one about missing a bar robbery while talking football must rise to the top.

The story resurfaced last week thanks to Barry Tramel of The Oklahoman, who got the side from an uncle of Bob and Mark Stoops, and it illustrates how much the Stoops family and Saban love football.

The Stoops version told it like this: Uncle Bob and Saban were talking football in a bar, and moving salt shakers, and a man across from them smashes a glass on the ground. Stoops said, “I happened to be looking over that way, all of a sudden, I see him smash that, and he was really mad. “I said, ‘Hey, buddy, is something wrong?’ “He said, ‘Hey, you (expletive), we just got robbed!’ “I’m like, ‘You’re blanking me.’ “He goes, ‘No, they had a shotgun pointed right at you two blank-holes.’”

Saban last week confirmed that the story is true.

“There’s not a lot of details,” Saban said on The Last Round (around the 3:07:00 mark). “We were talking football, and the guy came in and robbed the place with a shotgun. Police came about 20 minutes later and the bartender just told the police, ‘Don’t ask these two guys. They didn’t even know what happened.’ That was it. I guess you could say we were focused.”