Nick Saban shared a very personal moment with QB Bryce Young on Saturday at the Tennessee game which was captured by ESPN cameras, and he reflected on that moment and this season coaching Young.

“He’s an easy guy to coach, he tries to do everything the right way,” Saban said as Alabama began its bye week on Monday. “He wants to do everything the right way. He always prepares well for the game, he’s got a great personality. He’s got really good leadership qualities about him. It’s really important to him to sort of be the best that he can be, which you always love in competitors and always love in players.”

Saban added that there’s always something to learn from teaching moments that players gain and learn from experience.

“Bryce is always receptive to those things and he’s one of those guys that’s never defensive about any corrections because he really take it like you like people to in terms of use that experience, that failure even as an opportunity to grow and get better,” Saban said.