Nick Saban spoke to the media at Alabama’s Pro Day on Thursday, and was asked about his “wrong place, wrong time” comment from earlier in the week. It was in reference to the announcement of a suspension for freshman DB Tony Mitchell following an arrest on a drug possession charge.

Saban was asked to clarify his comments after some fans and media took the comments as a direct shot at Nate Oats and the Alabama men’s basketball program after Oats made similar comments about Miller’s involvement in an incident that led to a fatal shooting.

“There’s nothing to clarify,” Saban said. “I don’t watch basketball coaches’ press conferences, and how many years have I been coaching, you know. Never watched one. Never listened to what other people say. That was strictly about our program and what we do. Had nothing to do with anybody else. I don’t make any comments about anybody else. We hope the basketball team does really, really well.”