Alabama coach Nick Saban tested positive for COVID-19 this week. Since then, he’s had 2 negative tests. One more negative and he’ll be able to coach on Saturday night.

Still, the positive test made for a disruptive week in Tuscaloosa, as Saban has had to do his normal coaching routine remotely as he quarantines.

On Friday night, Saban spoke with CBS Sports via Zoom and explained how he broke the news to the team:

“I found out at about 1 o’clock,” Saban said. “We had a team meeting at 2 o’clock. I told the players what the situation was. I told them, ‘You know something’s really gotta be going on for me not to be there with you.’ They all got a little kick out of that. I told them that the preparation for the game shouldn’t be any different. I told them that I would be in meetings, I would be Zooming in practice. I would have communications going if I needed to, which I did. I’ve been in every meeting with them. … Maybe there are some guys who are happy I’m not there. I don’t know. I’m afraid to ask.”

It’s probably safe to say a few people enjoy avoiding ass-chewings this week, but it seems Saban will be back soon enough demanding greatness from his players and staff in person instead of virtually.