Nick Saban and Bill Belichick are 2 of the greatest football coaches to ever walk this planet.

It’s crazy that they both worked for the Cleveland Browns (with Belichick as the head coach and Saban as the defensive coordinator) from 1991 to 1994. It’s equally crazy that the Browns only went 31-33 in that time.

Obviously, both have gone on to bigger and better things in the years since. But, this week during his weekly radio show, Saban looked back at his time with Belichick in Cleveland.

He revealed during the show, which was broadcast on 95.3 The Bear and Tide 100.9, that he used to tell his linebacker, Pepper Johnson, to basically ignore Belichick if he tried to make a late change to the defense:

“I said ‘Look, Pepper. I’m going to give you a signal, and you touch your face mask when you get the signal.’ If Bill wants to change after that we’re done,” Saban said. “I’m gonna say ‘he looked away. I can’t give him another signal.’ And that’s how we operated the rest of the time.

“If Bill knew that he’d probably kill me,” Saban joked.

Surely, Saban has since come clean to Belichick. They’ve probably laughed about it together in the years since.