Nick Saban hosted his first radio show of the year Thursday night ahead of Saturday’s opener against Duke.

Saban is good for some unfiltered language on his radio show, and he certainly let it flow Thursday night (NSFW language below).

Interestingly, Saban also commented on the “energy vampires” from the 2018 team who are no longer on the team.

“We had a couple of guys that exited the program, whether it was their choice or ours for them to do that, that were what I call energy vampires, where you spend all your time trying to manage them and you can’t spend time with the guys that are doing things right,” Saban said, per Alex Byington.

That’s a burn from Saban, although he wouldn’t name any names. Fans are already speculating as to who he was talking about.

Energy vampires are essentially emotionally immature (high maintenance) people who think the whole world revolves around them. They are rather incapable of seeing things from another person’s perspective.

So, for those of us counting, Saban was frustrated with some of the players who were “energy vampires” and some of his former assistants for a similar reason.

“When the season started, I think we were great,” Saban said at SEC Media Days. “When we won the LSU game, it just seemed like people’s own agendas started to become more important.

“We had a lot of guys (coaches) who wanted to be head coaches at different places. It takes a special person to stay focused on what they have to do now when they have a job somewhere else that’s awaiting them and they have a responsibility on staff. I’m not being critical of those people. It’s just very challenging.

“And we had a lot of that on our staff last year, and I think those relationships with players go a long way in keeping players where they need to be to do the things they need to do — continue to prepare, practice the way they need to practice so that they can continue to improve and get better. And we just didn’t do that very well at the end of last year.”

It’s safe to say that Saban is glad he has a brand new staff and the energy vampire players are now gone.