Alabama continues to be among the leaders in college sports programs that have players vaccinated.
But the Crimson Tide aren’t perfect, as coach Nick Saban explained.

“All but one of our guys has been vaccinated, but it could still be an issue,” Saban told Mark Schlabach of ESPN. “They say if 90% [of your team] is vaccinated, you’re OK, but who knows? At least if you’re vaccinated you don’t have to quarantine guys.”

Saban deferred a question about the stadiums being open for fans this season without interruptions as he wondered if only vaccinated people would be let in.

Saban said in early June that Alabama was approaching 85 percent vaccination among its players and staff, and it was reported to be among the 6 SEC teams above that number by SEC Media Days. That threshold allowed the SEC to loosen protocols around testing and mask-wearing.

During fall camp meetings, Alabama returned to stricter protocols last season during the 2020 season

Another topic that is grabbing attention in college sports is the name, image and likeness rule change that allows athletes to profit. Saban said Alabama has an entire department that looks at NIL deals, and whether an offer is a good one or not.

“I don’t think anybody else is making significant money, but the players that have a name are making something,” Saban said. “[Equality in the locker room] is my biggest concern. I haven’t heard any [complaints] so far. I told our players, “When you play in the NFL, everybody doesn’t make the same.”