After testing positive for COVID-19, Nick Saban held his weekly Wednesday media session, streamed by the Alabama Athletics Twitter account and broadcast on the SEC Network.

Saban was asked a wide range of questions. One of those questions was about his message for others as a prominent person who has now tested positive.

“I personally think I did a really good job of trying to manage my personal space,” Saban said. “That’s what I’ve tried to inform our players to do. You have to respect this disease and the spread of this disease. I guess my message would be to adhere to protocol of what people are informing us to do — wash your hands, wear a mask, social distance — all those things I think are important. I always tell our players just to assume that everyone you come in contact with might be infected and you might be infected and not know it and actually bring harm to them.

“I have a big concern for my own personal family, because that’s about the only people I’ve been around other than the coaches and players. I’m pretty isolated in terms of what I do. I’m just hopeful that none of them have an issue or a problem.”