Jaylen Waddle’s injury in the Tennessee game was described as season-ending when it happened. This past Sunday, a report stated that Waddle’s recovery was ahead of schedule and there was a slim chance he could return for the Crimson Tide in a College Football Playoff game.

On his Thursday night radio show, Nick Saban discussed Waddle’s recovery and the possibility of the electric play-maker suiting up again for UA.

“He’s doing great. He really is,” Saban said. “I actually talked to him for a minute today. He was out at practice. He got his cast off today, so he’s in a boot. Now they can start — not doing running type stuff but — just rehabbing, massaging, doing some range of motion type stuff that will keep the atrophy down, in those kind of injuries are the most difficult things.

“We’re very encouraged. Everybody thinks he’s doing really, really well. He’s had a great attitude about it, and he’s gonna work hard. He told me that he wants to try to come back and play, but we’re certainly not gonna let that happen until he’s fully 100-percent healthy.”

In four games, Waddle recorded 25 receptions for 557 yards and 4 touchdowns. In special teams, he had 4 kickoff returns (including the Tennessee game, his fifth contest) for 39 yards plus two punt returns for 13 yards.