Nick Saban has never been afraid to speak his mind on the state of college athletics, especially when it comes to NIL. On Tuesday, the iconic Alabama head coach addressed reporters at the SEC Spring Meetings Tuesday to speak his mind on the topic.

College sports is walking a fine line of remaining an amateur organization and becoming a more professional organization with the ability to pay players and oversee gambling on college campuses.

Saban acknowledged that NIL is a good thing for players Tuesday, but also explained that it might get to a level where a level playing field is impossible across separate schools:

“Well, I would certainly agree that there are some challenges that the current situation that we’re in presents. In terms of amateur athletics, NIL is a good thing for players, they have a way to make money. But when it turns into pay-for-play then now you’re getting into a different area,” Saban said, via Outkick. “I think when you start talking about player’s being employees, unions, now you’re getting paid for something, so now you have to pay tax. We probably invest $85-100K on every player that we have, whether it’s academic support, tutoring, programs, there’s a tremendous investment made in player development. Not only football wise, but academically, as well as personally.”

This is not a new stance for Saban. He asked when NIL first became the standard in college athletics, saying “Is this what we want college football to become?”

Love it or hate it, Saban has a point.