Nick Saban has been down this road before about responding to a loss, and looking ahead with a big-picture vision.

The Alabama coach shared what his message is to the team on the SEC coaches media teleconference.

“Sometimes you want to remember the feeling you get when you don’t have success,” he said. “Probably human nature for us to respond a little bit better when negative things happen than when positive things happen. … We’ll see if we’re capable of doing that. I told them yesterday, you have to respond from the edge of the cliff. You don’t have a lot of room for error. You can still reach all of your goals as a team, but we have to play a lot better if we’re going to do that.”

Saban also admitted that every team responds differently, and Alabama has taken a loss and not won a championship. It comes down to how the team and how the players buy into it.

This week Alabama gets Mississippi State, and Saban said the Bulldogs are playing well.

“Because they’ve had more time in the system, all their players look more comfortable playing in the system,” he said. “… The quarterback is playing really well. … They have an offensive line that’s improved. They have a couple of new skill players who are big-play kind of guys they maybe didn’t have last year. … I think there’s a lot of things that contribute to the way they’re playing on offense right now, which is really, really good.”