Almost every FBS team plays at least one FCS opponent each season, like four SEC squads will be doing this weekend.

Though Alabama is one of them, Nick Saban thinks Power 5 schools need to do away with those matchups. He articulated his point during Wednesday’s SEC coaches conference when asked about the benefits of playing an FCS team like Chattanooga.

“We have respect for their program and their players and we understand it helps their school,” Saban said. “But what I say next is I’ve been an advocate of playing all Power 5 schools. I know it’s a more difficult schedule, but it’s better for the fans and the schools.

“With the (College Football Playoff) if you lose one game you are on thin ice. If you lose two you could be out. At the end of the day, it would be more competitive for everyone involved – fans, players and the CFP committee.”

Something the CFP selection committee hasn’t taken into account is margin of victory. Despite winning by an average of 29 points per game this season, that’s something Saban is happy about.

“I think it’s the right call,” he said. “Disrespecting another opponent isn’t what should be valued. … I agree wholeheartedly with that. We don’t run up the score on anyone. They have fans and families.”

The Crimson Tide running up the score on Chattanooga will probably unavoidable when the teams meet at 7 p.m. ET on Saturday.