Alabama moved to 5-0 on the season after beating Tennessee on the road 48-17  but the win came at a significant cost for the Crimson Tide.

If you missed it, star receiver Jaylen Waddle was injured during the opening kickoff and has been ruled out for the season by Nick Saban. Waddle broke his ankle on the play.

While noting Waddle will likely need surgery, Saban said the star receiver would be traveling back with his teammates to Tuscaloosa after the win.

“It’s a shame, he’s a great player, good team guy, exciting player to watch for everybody in college football,” Saban said after the Tennessee game. “Just hate it for him and I’m sure our team hates it for him, as well.”

Saban on how Alabama will dealing with losing Waddle:

“Well, we just have to coach the players we got. We got good players, we just have to keep coaching them,” Saban replied. “We played the whole game without him today and guys stepped up. It just creates an opportunity for someone else.”

Saban on the overall performance of his team on Saturday:

“We did some good things, we gave up a couple big plays but we just have to play with more consistency,” he said. “Consistency and performance is what defines success. We played good in spots, we have to play good all the time.”