Nick Saban undoubtedly misses certain aspects of college football from time to time. However, this weekend is not one of those times.

This weekend, Saban is at Augusta National to take in The Masters and took time to sit down with ESPN’s Laura Rutledge. To anyone accustomed to Saban’s occasional gruff exchanges at press conferences, the interview comes as a bit of a shock to the system.

Saban, clearly enjoying his life as a retired coach, could not stop smiling throughout the exchange. Meanwhile, new head coach Kalen DeBoer is getting Alabama prepped for A-Day with Saban acknowledging he would not get to be in Augusta during his coaching days.

“(Retirement’s) been great so far,” said Saban with a wide smile. “Got a little time to play golf, and I wouldn’t be here today. We’d probably be having practice.”

For Saban, golf has been a steady part of his recently retired life, but he did not list his golf game as the best part of retirement. Always philosophical, Saban admitted he has finally realized he was “in a hurry” for the better part of 50 years, something he has finally determined is not normal.

“The best thing is I spent 50 years being in a hurry and didn’t even know it. When I retired and sat back and didn’t have so many things today, I figured out that that wasn’t normal,” Saban explained. “This kind of life is a little more normal, even though I’m staying busy and looking forward to doing the draft and doing GameDay.”

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As for Miss Terry, Saban says she has not yet grown tired of the head coach being around the house regularly. However, there is one caveat to the arrangement: His daily chore list. That consists of making the bed, taking out the trash and eating with Miss Terry among other things.

“I’ve tried to live by (Miss Terry’s 12 commandments of retirement), but I’ve found out: If I do my chores, then I can go play golf,” cracked Saban. “So I get up early and get my chores done and then it’s like can I have a free pass to go do what I want to do?”

Ultimately, Saban’s brief time in retirement is another sign that the legendary head coach is indeed human. For years, the legendary head coach was nothing but a football machine to so many.

Now, finally free of the sport and the weight of leading Alabama, Saban has found a time where he truly looks happy and appears to have found some peace. For a coach of his stature, so few have found a way to have the success and the time to enjoy it, but it looks like Saban is truly joyful with his carer complete and his time at home with family. (And on the golf course.)

After all he did for Alabama, Saban has truly earned his time to relax, and he’s taking advantage of it.