Nick Saban went on The Pat McAfee Show on Thursday. One of the things that the Alabama head coach talked about was how to deal with adversity.

Saban emphasized the importance of not wasting an opportunity where his team fails. Saban has been coaching for a long time and couldn’t stress enough how crucial that was.

“First of all, you never want to waste a failing. Adversity can break some people and it can make some people great, it just depends on how you deal with it,” Saban said. “We don’t want our players to waste a failing, we want them to learn from the experience that they had, so they have an opportunity to improve and get better. We always have a 24-hour rule around here. If we win, we start all over and focus on the next opponent. If we lose, we learn from the mistakes we made, then focus on the next opponent and try to get better.”

After losing to Texas, the best thing for Alabama will be to move on and focus on USF. The game after that will be a ranked matchup with Ole Miss.

It pays off to have the kind of 24-hour rule that Saban discussed.