Few college football head coaches are quite as openly opinionated (or as successful as) Alabama’s Nick Saban. Consistently full of ideas, the CFB legend introduced yet another one recently — implementing an NFL salary cap model in college football.

The general idea here is that the era of Name, Image and Likeness allows the teams with the most money to be the best, something that has been a hot topic ever since the rule change.

“If that’s what we want college football to be, the best teams are going to be the teams that have the most money to spend,” Saban said recently on a podcast appearance with Stephen A. Murphy. “We don’t have a salary cap, so it’s not equal for everyone. It’s not like the NFL. I would much rather see us adopt the NFL model than be what we are right now.”

Saban went on to lament the way the “employee” mentality in amateur sports isn’t what it is supposed to be, but that he would at least like to see the adjustment made if the trend is not to be reversed.

It will be interesting to see how things develop, but there is no doubt that changes need to be made.