Body doubles in acting are just a part of the process, even when it comes to Alabama coach Nick Saban.

A local Alabama resident performs that role in place of Saban for his well-known Aflac commercials, according to a story by WVTM-13.

Bob Kuykendall is the actor, and he calls himself, “I don’t know if you would call me a big actor. I’m a small time actor.”

Kuykendall, a realtor and former law enforcement specialist, explained that all the commercial shoot needed was someone about Saban’s height and build to feed the other actors their lines. The actor sets the stage with other actors through lighting and sound checks before Saban arrives.

“We get all of this done, and then at the last minute, they bring him out,” he said. “Which is pretty cool, because you can hear in the earphones, ‘Coach is walking,’ which is pretty cool, because it’s like Trump is coming to the set or something.”

Kuykendall said it really takes two days to shoot a 30-second commercial. But he doesn’t get to keep the blue blazer. Aflac takes it back after each shoot in case Saban needs it again.

This offers another perspective for the next time the commercial airs on TV.