Lane Kiffin has made it abundantly clear since leaving Alabama for FAU just how little he enjoyed working for Nick Saban. As we all know, after three seasons together, the relationship between the two had deteriorated so much that they couldn’t even finish out the season without parting way prematurely.

With Brian Daboll jumping at the first chance to jump back in the NFL, he was hired to run Buffalo’s offense Sunday, it didn’t take Kiffin long to react to the news. Needless to say, the FAU coach wasn’t surprised.

Check out this response to someone asking Kiffin about working for Saban:

Here’s his response to the question:

Someone else commented on Saban potentially reaching out to Kiffin:

His response:

These three retweets by Kiffin also do a good job of making it quite clear what he thinks of working for Saban:

At this point, don’t expect Kiffin to ever change his trolling ways.