College football fans love to debate which fans are the most obnoxious or classiest.

After the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, an Ohio State fan wrote a letter to Tuscaloosa News praising Alabama fans.

Dear Editor: On New Year’s Day my wife and I attended the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. As Ohio State fans, I’ll admit we had some concern playing the top-ranked SEC team in what was essentially its backyard. We had prepared ourselves for what we assumed would be a hostile environment from both the Crimson Tide fans and, frankly, the host city.

Boy, were we wrong. First, not only was the city of New Orleans a great host city, the people were very friendly and welcoming; we even had two instances of strangers coming up to thank us for coming to their city.

The Alabama fans were a model of sportsmanship both before and after the game. Before the game, I had several very pleasant conversations with Alabama fans, although I never did get a good explanation of the elephant mascot. After the game, Alabama fans actually approached us to offer congratulations. For a fan base not very accustomed to losing they did so with dignity and class.

My wife and I walked away with a new respect for the University of Alabama and their fans. Your class and sportsmanship should be the goal of every athletic program in the country. Thank you and Roll Tide!

Of course this reminds us of the viral letter earlier this season in which an Auburn fan criticized Georgia fans after an ugly visit to Athens.

The bottom line is that all fan bases have their obnoxious members and classy members. Typically, the fan bases such as Alabama that have a larger number of fans get the criticism because their obnoxious fans tend to be more visible.

What fan bases in the SEC do you think are the classiest?