Michigan State QB Connor Cook took a beating on the field during a 38-0 loss to Alabama in the College Football playoffs on New Year’s Eve.

Now, he’s taking a ribbing from his Big Ten rivals for the poor display on the big stage.

Former Ohio State LB Darron Lee, who recently declared that he would enter the 2016 NFL Draft, took to Twitter to give the Spartans QB a tough time about his performance, citing the recent news that ESPN may owe advertisers money for the poor ratings that the Crimson Tide win brought them:

Those were fighting words between the rivals, and Cook quickly fired back at Lee:


Lee wasn’t letting things go that easily. He had more to say to Cook:


That was in reference to the Buckeyes win against the Crimson Tide during the 2014 College Football Playoff semifinals last season.

While that was a fair point, Cook may have gotten the last laugh:

Though Lee did not get a chance to defend the national championship due to a loss to Michigan State in the regular season, he did make the best of his bowl season with a win against Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame.

It’s fun to see the personality of some of these players show up on Twitter. They’re definitely competitors.