South Alabama gave the Crimson Tide its best shot but it wasn’t good enough on Tuesday night, thanks to Owen Diodati.

If you missed it, Alabama beat the Jaguars thanks to a walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the ninth to clinch an 11-8 win.

“I really didn’t know what was gonna happen,” Diodati said after the game. “I knew early on in the inning if we were going to make it close that I’d have a chance to go up and do something.

“I really thought they were – they had a lefty warming up in the pen – and I thought I was gonna have a left-on-left matchup and they left the righty in and just kind of going through the at-bat, he had thrown a lot of fastballs so far in his outing. I had a feeling I was gonna get one or two to hit and I really just didn’t want to miss it so I was lucky enough to put a good swing on it.”

You can check out the play here.

After the game, Owen Diodati discussed his late-game heroics with the ESPN crew covering the game.