This offseason has, by all accounts, been much better for Green Bay Packers RB Eddie Lacy.

After the 2015 season ended, Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy called out the former Alabama star, saying he was out of shape for most of last year.

Lacy responded by doing a P90X program this offseason and looks much better so far. But, according to an article, McCarthy has challenged Lacy to keep up the hard work before training camp starts on July 25:

“Every player is responsible for their five weeks,” McCarthy said during his Wednesday press conference, “and with that, there’s a plan, there’s communication of a plan and expectations of all of our players. Eddie in particular, I hope he definitely goes with the plan that he used this year as opposed to last year. He’s just like all of our guys. Our strength coach and nutritionist, Adam (Korzun) and Mark (Lovat) both, we have programs for our guys. There’s communication on where they’re going to work, who they’re going to work with. There’s a lot of great programs out there, and there’s relationships that we’re involved in with some of those guys. All of our players need to take care of business over the next five weeks.”

Another Packers coach believes in Lacy, too:

New running backs coach Ben Sirmans said he thought Lacy would work hard during the break.

“I think from a fitness level, without having anything to compare it to, I’ve been pleased with how he’s gone about his business,” Sirmans told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “You always want to push them and say we want to do more, especially these next five weeks are most important as far as what you’re going to be able to accomplish this season. I feel pretty good and confident he will come back even in better condition than he is in now. I’ll just reinforce that, not just with him personally, but how important it’s going to be for our team.”

After Lacy followed his 2013 Rookie of the Year campaign and stellar 2014 year with a subpar 2015 season, the Packers are counting on him to get back to his old ways and become a big part of the offense again. A little fitness should go a long way for the three-time BCS national champion.