The Big Ten’s return to action may have shifted the landscape of the upcoming College Football Playoff race, at least, that’s the way Paul Finebaum sees it.

During his most recent appearance on ESPN morning show “Get Up,” the  SEC Network host was asked to share his outlook on the College Football Playoff race following the Big Ten’s decision to return the field this week.

If you missed it, the Big Ten plans to return to action on Oct. 24 with an eight-game conference-only schedule.

“I start with Clemson, they are there every single year and they will be there again this year,” Finebaum said when discussing his first Playoff pick. “Alabama is next, nothing changed yesterday that affects Alabama’s attempt to regain the crown. And here comes the new entrant, it is Ohio State. I have no doubt whatsoever they’re one of the three best teams in the country — they may be even better. They ended the season last year in the semifinals, blowing a big lead to Clemson.

“The fourth one is very difficult, but I’m going with Oklahoma, because I think that league is diminished and if they get through the league undefeated, which I think they have a good chance of doing, that they’ll sneak in.”

In addition to his updated Playoff picks, Finebaum shared which two leagues were hurt the most in the Playoff hunt following the Big Ten’s decision to return to the field.

“But the big losers yesterday really were the ACC and the SEC,” Finebaum added. “Georgia, a possible loser in the (SEC Championship Game), or even Notre Dame, may have gotten edged out by Ohio State’s entry into the Playoff.”

Talk about making some safe picks.

Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State and Oklahoma are the teams someone would probably pick after glancing at a college football preseason magazine or by simply picking the teams featured at the top of the preseason poll.

Let’s hope the season is more entertaining than that.