Paul Finebaum says this year’s Heisman Trophy race is over.

The SEC Network host has had Alabama QB Bryce Young atop his Heisman list for a couple of weeks now, and Saturday’s performance in the SEC Championship Game sealed the deal.

During Sunday morning’s SportsCenter, Finebaum said the only question left is which other players get invited to New York City to watch Young win the trophy:

“It was masterful,” Finebaum said on SportsCenter. “A week before (against Auburn), he had a Heisman moment, but he didn’t have a Heisman game. This was absolutely a Rembrandt on the canvas for Bryce Young. I don’t want to upset my bosses who are going to be promoting the Heisman award next week, but it’s a non-starter. This thing is over. Bryce Young has won the Heisman Trophy. There will be some debate who sits with him on the front row in New York, but when all of us start sending in our ballots today, Bryce Young will be at the top of most of the lists. So, he’s won the Heisman Trophy.”

Will Finebaum be proven right? The Heisman Trophy will be handed out next Saturday. We’ll see if Young is indeed the runaway winner for this year’s award.