Some Alabama fans were recently unhappy with Paul Finebaum over comments he made about Nick Saban’s chance to win another national championship.

During a Wednesday appearance on ESPN’s “Get Up,” Finebaum opined that “time is running out for Saban to win national title No. 7:

“I don’t want this to sound blasphemous, but time is running out on a national championship. It’s been two years since (Saban) won a national championship. That’s a long time.

“There are many other programs catching up a little bit. You can no longer make a blanket statement that Nick Saban is going to win a bunch of national championships. I think he needs to win one this year or that hourglass is going to become very dangerous for him.”

Finebaum was asked about those comments during a recent appearance on “The Opening Kickoff” on WNSP-FM 105.5 with Lee Shirvanian and Mark Heim. The SEC Network host and ESPN college football analyst reiterated his point that his concerns come from Saban turning 69 this year.

“I think he needs to win soon,” Finebaum said, per Heim. “My argument was his age. Age is relative. It’s not like I’m 25 years old, and I’m still holding on for dear life. Everyone knows Saban turns 69 and he still looks great.”

Former Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden is the oldest college football head coach to win a national championship. Bowden turned 70 during FSU’s 1999 BCS Championship season.