Paul Finebaum has seen this movie before with an Alabama coach. It may have been nearly 40 years ago, but he recognizes similar signs.

In a segment on ESPN’s “Get Up,” the SEC Network host explained what’s happened to coach Nick Saban and the Alabama program in recent losses. Mike Greenberg asked Finebaum if we have to get use to this. Is the era of Nick Saban dominating college football coming to an end?

“It is, and it’s been happening very slowly for a couple years,” Finebaum said. “But over the last couple of months we’ve seen it. It started with a 28-point blowout to Clemson. Saban said, ‘We have to get the Alabama factor back.’ It didn’t happen.”

Finebaum explained why he described Alabama’s season as “really disappointing.”

“People say, ‘Are you kidding?’,” he said. “Alabama went 10-2 and they’re still ranked in the top 10, but that’s the difference, Greeny. Staff turnover has been a constant churn, especially on the defensive side. Recruiting is an issue. They’re still No. 2 or 3 in recruiting, but they’re being pressed hard by Clemson and Georgia.”

Finebaum also noted that he covered the end of former Alabama coach Bear Bryant’s tenure as a young reporter.

“I saw some of the very same signs,” Finebaum said. “He’s considered the greatest of all time. Saban surpassed him. It looks very similar.”