Paul Finebaum understands some fans are a bit unhappy with Kalen DeBoer’s initial staff at Alabama, but that does not mean the new-look group cannot be successful for the Crimson Tide.

During a Tuesday appearance for “McElroy & Cubelic in the Morning,” Finebaum admitted DeBoer’s staff after losing Ryan Grubb and Scott Huff includes an “interesting collection” of individuals. He’s heard some “groans” related to certain pieces of the staff, but Finebaum says those who groan at individual names are missing the mark.

“I think it’s a really interesting collection of people. I hear some groans every once in a while when a name is announced. But it’s his staff, he’s got to find the right chemistry,” Finebaum explained. “Did he receive a big blow when he lost two of his coaches? Yeah, there’s no getting around that, but I think it’s very difficult to look at individuals without looking at the whole body… This is not an individual deal here, it’s a collective amalgamation of a bunch of different people.”

Overall, Finebaum says it really boils down to how well the collective group can work together and recruit within the SEC:

“It comes down to really the most important thing: how does the staff work together? And equally important in the SEC, how is he going to be able to recruit? It’s too early to get too many signs,” said Finebaum.

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As for the spring, Finebaum says he’s really watching to see how the new offensive coaching staff works with Jalen Milroe and vice versa. Milroe showed major strides in 2023 after capturing the starting quarterback job, but he now must learn how to work with a new staff in a new system for the 2024 season.