Paul Finebaum and Matt Barrie of ESPN recently sat down to discuss the balance of power in the SEC.

When asked how he would rank the SEC teams, Barrie stated, “Probably Georgia 1 still, slash Tennessee. Georgia 1 or 2, Tennessee 1 or 2, 3, I might even look at Ole Miss and then Alabama.”

Barrie even went a step further, stating that “it’s not Alabama’s conference, at least not on Sunday after the Tennessee game.” Finebaum agreed with the assertion but cautioned that Ole Miss still has a tough schedule ahead. “Say you what you want, but on the road, they have not really been tested yet.”

Finebaum stated that on Friday afternoon, he had former coaches telling him that Mississippi State might be the 3rd-best team in the conference. “That did not live to see the end of the weekend,” declared Finebaum.

Barrie and Finebaum both agreed that Alabama’s advantage is not as pronounced in the current college football landscape thanks to NIL and the transfer portal. Finebaum also noted that “when players make the same mistake over and over again, something is going on there.”

Alabama will have chances to right the ship with games against Mississippi State, LSU, and Ole Miss still to play.

Check out the whole video below: